Worship Services at Queensbury United Methodist Church

Worship God with us at 9:30 in Clark Hall, our fellowship room. We ask that you bring bread and juice to celebrate Holy Communion and follow the COVID protocols in place for your safety. You may also join us from the church parking lot on low-power 89.9 FM radio or at home on Facebook Live.  The service will also be posted on our website later in the day on Sunday.


What “Type” of Worship Does QUMC Employ?

Our worship services are traditional. Our music director leads a small masked group on prerecorded songs.


How We Describe Worship

If there was one word to describe the spirit of our worship it would be… energetic. We are experiencing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our church in these days! The energy of God and our celebration of life in Christ can be felt in our time of worship. We have a lot to celebrate; countless blessings for which to praise God! We bring that sense of gratitude into our time of worship.




We Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ

“The Kingdom of God has come near!”

We proclaim the good news, the teachings of Jesus Christ, every single Sunday from our scripture reading to the meditation offered by our pastor. Our weekly aim is to delve deeply into what it means to follow in the way of our master Jesus Christ. In other words, we challenge one another each week to look at our lives–celebrate what God has accomplished in us and then see where else we need to work in order to be more loving, more hopeful, and ever more gracious to everyone we encounter.



Warm Worship

We greet each other through social distancing at the current time. For some people, this is the only time in the week that they are greeted with kindness and a smile. What an opportunity to be the place where that kind, loving greeting happens!


Prayerful Worship

Typically each service also has the opportunity for the congregation to verbalize prayer requests, both joys and concerns, to be prayed for during the prayers of the people.





You Are Welcome

Most importantly, you are welcome! No matter your background, your history, your present circumstances, or your future outlook on life. You are welcome! Everyone in our community remembers a time when we needed a church and we were invited into Queensbury United Methodist Church. Everyone is welcome in Christ’s church!