I’ve been searching for peace in my heart all my life.

I’ve been unsettled. I’ve been searching. AND I grew up in the church; knowing that God loved me.

Now you might think that someone who knows God loves them should have a heart at peace.

There’s more.

There’s more to the story.

I’ve been striving. I’ve been judgy. I’ve been self-centered. I’ve been keeping relationships at arm’s length. I don’t trust people. I’ve been coming at things with the mind of an expert rather than the heart and wonder of a child.

Most of all, I’ve been starting too many sentences with “I” in my life.

Does this sound familiar? (Don’t leave me hanging as if I’m the only person that feels this way.)

Jesus changes this.

Sure. you’ve heard the sales pitch before about Jesus.

Jesus saves. Jesus died for your sins. “Say this simple prayer and you can be assured you’ll spend eternity in heaven,” you’ve probably heard people say.

I believe Jesus does save. I believe Jesus did die on account of sin. I believe we can be assured of life beyond death.

But what about now?

Right here.

Right now.

It’s being revealed to me that I am just now learning (don’t judge) how to actually live. To live life now in such a way that sees how I act, think, and feel has eternal repercussions; eternal impact.

How I treat my neighbor, how I treat every person, every interaction will have far-reaching impact.

In essence, it really really matters how I live in this world.

And this is the kicker… Jesus has the most masterful set of teachings that inform how I can have the most phenomenal impact in my sphere of influence.

We as a church here in Queensbury want to know more about what Jesus offers in his teachings so that we can live life with the most impact in the lives of those with whom we interact.

You are here for a reason. God has some things for you to accomplish––specific things that only you can do.

We’d love to team up with you to make a lasting change in our community here in Queensbury.

God loves you beyond your wildest dreams. God wants you to have peace in your heart and joy in your daily life.