Youth-Led Youth Ministry

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We are intentionally creating a youth-led youth ministry at Queensbury United Methodist Church. Our adult counselors are assisting our youth in determining what is needed for leading as young disciples of Jesus Christ.

How Long Have You Employed Youth-Led Youth Ministry?

This is a new approach for our church-but the pastor has employed this approach before in previous youth ministry environments.

What is Youth-Led Youth Ministry?

Youth-led Youth Ministry simply means we empower our youth to be the major part of the decision making process for what we do as a youth group. Rather than the adults driving the agenda and attempting to transmit discipleship data into empty, receptive minds of young minds yearning to be filled (which we know is not reality), we follow the example of Jesus; he called young people to join him, he shared stories of faithfulness, and then empowered them to do the work of healing and ministry in their sphere of influence. We believe our youth have everything they need to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ right now in their lives–there is no need for them to wait to be adults before living out their faith in radical, world-changing ways.

What Will Queensbury United Methodist Church Use as Resources for Youth Ministry?

Here’s an interesting article about one church’s journey into student-led youth ministry.

Another great example of student-led ministry from the angle of what is not student-led ministry.

A great site for ideas we will be using for youth ministry.


What is the Focus of Youth-Led Youth Ministry?

Our focus is on faith, fellowship, fun, fundraising, and foutreach (we had to find some way to make them all fs, lol). Each one of these elements will have a youth chair its focus as we move forward.

Fundraising and Foutreach are included because a major component of a vital youth-led Youth Ministry is reaching out to others in mission. We intend to participate in an annual mission trip right before summer begins.

How Big Is Queensbury United Methodist Church’s Youth Group?

We have a small group at this point. It’s a younger group but we are intentionally trying to invite more youth to join us. Hence, we are trying to create a youth ministry infrastructure that is worth having our youth invite their friends to join.

When Does UMYF meet?

We meet on Sunday evenings from 5:30 – 7:00 PM. We eat together, share our joys and our concerns together, and learn together about leadership, followship, and more about who Jesus Christ is for us living in the twenty-first century.

Why Continue Doing Youth Ministry?

Jesus’ first disciples included children and teenagers (apprentices in the boat with their father Zebedee, James and John were probably still in their teens when Jesus called them). We keep this example of Jesus in mind when we continue to fashion a new youth ministry at Queensbury United Methodist Church.

What’s Coming Up in the Youth Ministry Schedule?

April 8th – Youth Hosts House on the Rock Café

April 13-15th – Youth in Syracuse for Weekend Conference called Outward; No youth group on the 15th

April 22nd – Youth Leaders Mission/Visioning Meeting UMYF – Roll-out of Youth-Led Leadership Model – Parents updated on Mission Trip options – Theme: Why Youth Leadership?

April 29th – Youth Leaders  Mission/Visioning Meeting UMYF – Designating Roles and Responsibilities. Theme: Why the Five Fs?

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