Elevate! A New Format to Celebrate Life & Love!

EVERY SATURDAY @ QUMC – 4:30 Beginning October 13th

Why Another Celebration time?

Why? It’s a really good question.

Why would we add another time when we already have two solid worship services on Sunday Morning at 8:30 and 10:30?

Because it’s not about us… it’s about our surrounding community and culture!


In these days we are all finding out how busy life can be.

We no longer live in a culture where everything shuts down on Sunday and we can catch our collective breaths.

Some of us are trying to race our kids to practice, or games, or rehearsals.

Some of us are taking care of our aging parents.

Some of us can only get a moment to ourselves on Sunday mornings.

Here’s the point. Not everyone can make it to church on Sunday morning. So the church needs to stop complaining about the culture not honoring Sundays and actually adapt… actually offer worship at a different time.


But it’s not just time where the church needs to adapt… but we need to move the needle on our relevancy meter, too.

Sure, 8:30 & 10:30 on Sunday are worship services where some people find relevancy to their lives. They are worship services where some feel a sense of encountering God.

But “some” is the key word. There are others, though, in our community that need a different relevancy… a different format or style conducive to encountering God.

Let’s face it, there are different (not better or worse, just different) relevancies. Why shouldn’t the church offer another worship service that meets people differently?


Don’t be fooled by labels like contemporary or traditional. There are a ton of churches that say they have a “contemporary” worship service but they follow a “traditional” order of worship… or they sing songs that they call “contemporary” that were written in the 1970s… and that’s more contemporary than the church down the road that sings hymns from the 1770s!

(Just to be clear… we’re not hating on other churches. God loves when we all do worship in whatever way we offer it… the point is that labels fail us… but God does not!)

Each service at QUMC is contemporary and traditional. The teachings and concepts discussed and sung about are steeped in millennia of tradition but the take-away from all of it is intentionally packaged the week before for the week ahead. See? Traditional AND contemporary.


But this is what we’re going to do differently on Saturday.

  • Engaging music mostly written in the last 5 years along with modern reboots of classic hymns.
  • Interactive ways to engage the teachings of Jesus Christ and his community that’s highly relevant and exciting! Think TEDtalks or Story Slams or Open Mic nights…
  • Imagine having a big old family dinner together where stories are shared, jokes are told, and then we remember that Jesus Christ showed us how to love by breaking and sharing our eating and our drinking together… remembering his awesome example of living.
  • The work of the people (literally what “liturgy” means) is the aim of this new community gathering… the intent is to engage each one of us in such a way that we say “Yes!” to what God would love to see happen in Queensbury next week.

WHAT Celebration IS ABOUT

We are right to remember that worship (celebration) is primarily about what God gets out of us rather than what we can get out of worship.

God’s about us… getting near enough to hear what God’s gameplan is for the week ahead. Some of us may need to get near on Saturday instead of (or also on!) Sunday. Some of us may need to get near to God with a different style of music or presentation.

Worship & celebration. A time to say, “thank you!” A time to say, “you belong!” A time to say, “I love you!” A time to say, “Yes! We can do this!”

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