Hope Being Served Sunday Evenings

Teenage years are tremendously tough to endure.

Social media. Political climate. Climate change. School culture. It seems every generation faces new and harder challenges.

There is a need for hope.


Not necessarily ANSWERS… but hope in the midst of all of the questions of life.

Queensbury’s teenagers need a community that exemplifies hope. We at Queensbury United Methodist Church are a part of the hopeful community.

So we are offering a series of events each Sunday in the fall where hope is the theme.

Life is full of questions and there should be a safe space, a non-judgmental, open space for our teenagers to live the questions together and be surrounded by an overwhelming sense of hope.

The series of events is called youth alpha…

Alpha. the first letter of the greek alphabet.

Or alpha… the first draft of a program before it even moves to the beta stage.

A place in the programming workflow where it’s best to ask a ton of questions as a team before rolling it out to the public.

Sundays from 5-7 starting September 16th.

Music. Food. Friends. Laughter. Excitement. No judgment. No H8. Only Love. Only Hope.

Tell the parents you know this is something they won’t want their kids to miss.

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