Do you ever wish you had someone that could teach you…

  • The basics of your iPhone or Android?
  • If not the basics, how about some intermediate or advanced tricks on your iPhone?
  • What about getting your iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV all working together?
  • How about your Android Device?

Do you have a sense that there’s more to know – that there’s more these devices could be doing for you – than what you currently know?

You say you’re going to learn more, but you never get around to exploring the answers on your own.

Or you’re just living in the reality distortion field of not knowing what you don’t know.

So here’s the pitch…

Every Saturday beginning October 13th at 3pm, Queensbury United Methodist Church will be offering 1 hour Mobile Computing Workshops for the community… free of charge! (We’ll have a basket if you want to donate to the cause, though!) No obligations! No strings attached!

Who’s teaching?

Phil Phaneuf, the Pastor of QUMC. Before he went into ministry, Phil was the lead technology instructor for nearly a decade at CompUSA. He holds certified expert training status in Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. He’s been instructing and consulting with people on their Apple and Windows machines for nearly 30 years.

The pastor is teaching? Am I going to hear a sermon in the workshop?

No. The workshop is strictly focused on teaching the latest technology and attempting to make your life easier when relating with people through technology. No gimmicks. (However, he has found praying over a device gets it to work when it starts acting up, lol). But seriously, it’s just a technology workshop.

Will there inevitably be a bait and switch?

No. No bait and switch. It’s not an attempt to convert you. Okay, yes, Phil will actually try to convert you… from windows or android to mac… haha!) The only thing that will come remotely close to a catch (and there is no pressure or anything of that nature!) is that we will have a Saturday afternoon worship service following a half hour of refreshments following the workshop. You are most welcome to stay but again, no strings… come as often as you’d like to the tech workshops and bring your friends!

Why would a church offer this then? I still don’t get it.

Phil has a unique gift for teaching people how to use their technology. He is patient, relatable, and easy to understand when it comes to learning technology. He thinks it’s fun to help people with their mobile computing woes. So QUMC wants to offer these workshops out as a way to connect with people in the community… and the half hour of coffee and refreshments following will give each person an opportunity to connect with other people in the community!

But if you’re a church and he’s the pastor shouldn’t you actually make it a bit religious?

Why? St. Francis said, “preach the gospel but use words only if necessary.” We think we can be loving, kind, and gracious without being overtly religious in topic or conversation. Love is in our hearts and we think it’s in yours too! It’s about giving back to community members with unconditional love. That’s what we’re about. Love and community. Enjoy the gift of learning technology with others at no cost.

But it will eventually cost something, right?

Not the hour-long workshops. But we do have some more in-depth training courses (such as Photoshop, InDesign, iOS App Development Coding) in the planning stages for 2019 that may have a nominal fee. The Saturday Tech courses will remain a free-will donation.

So here are the first 7 classes coming up in October and November

  • October 13th – Get to know your iPhone Introduction (iPhone) – Register Now!
  • October 20th – Get to know your Android Device Introduction (Android)
  • October 27th – Top 10 new features of iOS 12 (iPhone/iPad)
  • November 3rd – Learn How to Take Phenomenal Pictures with your iPhone (iPhone)
  • November 10th – Explore The Top 10 Best Winter Lineup of Mobile Tech Products Prior to the Holidays! (aka  – do I… or my family members really need to upgrade?) (iPhone/Android)
  • November 17th – Manage Your Time Better with these 5 Killer iPhone Tricks! (iPhone/iPad)
  • November 24th – Manage Your Time Better with these 5 Killer Android Tricks! (Android)

We will have a registration page up soon for each of these workshops! Invite your friends and share this page!

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