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Best. Idea. Ever. Right?

Well, you are in luck! QUMC is making this dream fundraiser a reality!

Not only that, but we’ll have Gunnar, the mascot from the ADK Thunder at our hole-in-one contests handing out prizes and setting people up for a chance to win free tickets to opening night!


Saturday October 13th 9-11am and then a BBQ Lunch with prizes and awards back at QUMC.


Pirate’s Cove (the one across from the Old Sutton’s on Route 9).


The people of QUMC teach children how to love one another and make communities thrive with kindness. Your support funds the children’s education program at QUMC.

How much to make a difference in a child’s life?

$10 – individual pass; $8 – 65+ pass; $25 – immediate family pass

Sign Up Now! (First 100 registrants get a special token of appreciation at the BBQ lunch).

How Else Can We Help?

Hole Sponsorships

Individual Hole Sponsorship ($25) –Sign Up Now! to individually sponsor a QUMC mini-golf tournament hole.

Want to honor a loved one? Celebrate an anniversary or birthday? Propose to your significant other at a mini-golf hole? (Just Kidding… if you had this idea, we can give you some help in choosing more romantic options.) Or perhaps you would like to say thank you to someone or offer a prayer of gratitude and you want the hole world to know (get it? the “hole” world?).

Corporate Sponsorship ($25) –Sign Up Now! to be a corporate sponsor of the QUMC mini-golf tournament.

We are intentionally reaching out to local businesses who are making a difference in our surrounding community to help raise funds for teaching children more about love and kindness in community. If you are a local business owner/team member or you’re affiliated with a phenomenal non-profit organization, we would love to team up with you. We’ll display your organizational identity on an 11×17 poster at the tournament and also back at the church during the lunch. You can also have a presence at the main event table during the event!

Scorecard with Logo Sponsorship ($25) – Sign Up Now! to be featured on the QUMC mini-golf tournament keepsake scorecard.

Okay, so it won’t necessarily be featured years from now on Antiques Roadshow but the first-ever QUMC mini-golf tournament scorecard certainly will be in every attendee’s hands by the end of the day. If you want a sure-fire way of having your business featured, the scorecard option is a great way to help everyone out!

Monetary Donation – ($ You Fill in the Amount!) Sign Up Now! to give and thanks for your generosity!

Perhaps you can’t be there on Saturday October 13th. Perhaps you can AND you want to help out the children’s program at QUMC in some small or large way! Thank you!

Prize Donation – Sign Up Now! to offer a prize donation that will be handed out at the BBQ Awards lunch at QUMC following the tournament


One of the most awesome (AND FREE!) things you can do for QUMC’s children’s education program is to share this event with friends, employers, or your volunteer organizations.

It will only take a few seconds, too!

So copy this link right here… –>

…and then paste it into an email or whatever social media channel suits your fancy! Organic advertising is the best advertising in the world. And really play up to your friends how worthy the cause is… remind them that their participation directly impacts the lives of children in our town to better love and serve our community.

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