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A Simple Plain Account – Tues. March 6th

For God so loved the world… (John 3:16)

I do not like taking out the garbage.

In our house, we play a game we like to call “garbage chicken.” Megan and I put stuff in the garbage can to the fullest point and then some. We squish it down and down. We keep going back and forth with the thought that there’s still room enough for the next person to put one more item in so that she or I doesn’t have to be the one to take it out.

I’m not sure anyone likes to lose at garbage chicken. There are chores we do because they must be done. Motivation can change our attitude toward things that must be done.

We ask Fiona to pick up her toys in the living room. She sees it as a chore. We’re trying to motivate her with the need for keeping the living room clean. This, we have found, is not very motivating for a 4 year old (truth be told, it’s not very motivating for me, either)!

However, when we make cleaning the living room into a collaborative game with a countdown to see if we can pick it all up before I count down to zero, and we’ve completely changed the whole dynamic.

I say this all to get down to a simple truth. God does not save us because it’s a chore. God’s motivation to send Jesus is not because he must clean us up. God doesn’t play “garbage chicken” with his creation

God is motivated to act because of love. Pure, unbounded love God is. He’s changed the chore into an act of love and has completely altered the dynamic for us.

Be motivated by love today. Play the game of love today. See how many people you can love today before I count down to zero!

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