Revelation: Breaking the Code

Join Rev. Phil in this hope-filled, fear-less 8 week study beginning the week of Sept. 17th. Mondays from 6:30-8PM or Wednesdays from 9AM-10:30. Please RSVP to the office. There is an $8 suggested donation for the course book.

“The book of Revelation contains passages of great beauty and comfort, as well as passages that strike the casual reader as bizarre, bewildering, and sometimes frightening. How are readers today to discern God’s message in this peculiar part of the Bible? In this book Metzger presents solid scholarship in a nonacademic style…” – Amazon


The Session Outlines Include:

Monday Date: Wednesday Date: Session Topic: Chapters In Breaking the Code: Chapters Covered in Revelation:
9/18/17 9/20/17 Lesson One: Introducing the Book of Revelation & John's Vision of the Heavenly Christ Chs. 1 & 2 (Rev. 1:1-20)
9/25/17 9/27/17 Lesson Two: Letters to Churches Chs. 3 & 4 (Rev. 2:1-3:22)
10/2/17 10/4/17 Lesson Three: John's Vision of God and the Lamb Ch. 5 (Rev. 4:1-5:14)
10/9/17 10/11/17 Lesson Four: Opening the Seven Seals of God's Scrolls Ch. 6 (Rev. 6:1-8:2)
10/16/17 10/18/17 Lesson Five: Sounding the Seven Trumpets Ch. 7 (Rev. 8:3-11:19)
10/23/17 10/25/17 Lesson Six: The Satanic Trinity: The Dragon and the Two Beasts Ch. 8 (Rev. 12:1-14:20)
10/30/17 11/1/17 Lesson Seven: The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath Ch. 9 (Rev. 15:1-18:24)
11/6/17 11/8/17 Lesson Eight: The Final Victory, The Last Judgment, & John's Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem Chs. 10 & 11 (Rev. 19:1-22:21)


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