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Confirmation Sunday Sermon

Here is the video of April 3rd’s Sermon on Confirmation Sunday! We hope you are blessed by God in its message about faithfulness and relationships founded on the example of Jesus Christ!

Below is a text draft of the sermon:

What is confirmation all about?

we all confirm our vows… for some of us we confirm them today for the first time publicly

baptism vows
membership vows


There once was a country church with a new pastor
The congregation welcomed her and said “Welcome, but you need to know something right away. You see, we have unwelcome visitors in our sanctuary every Sunday.
They hang from the rafters and we’ve tried everything to get rid of them to no avail.
The new pastor took their statement under advisement…
The next Sunday the congregation came in and, slack jawed, stared at the empty rafters where once hung the bats that they could never get rid of…
“Pastor, how did you get rid of the bats?”
The new pastor said, “I came in yesterday and I baptized and confirmed them… so I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing them again!”

we have a misunderstanding sometimes about confirmation

but as I see those who’ve confirmed their vows
those who’ve said yes to membership this morning

I’m encouraged
because although you’ve said it with your voice
you’ve already said it with your heart and your actions long before this day

you’ve all already figured out that this thing we do called faith is about relationships

So I went to Megan, my wife, yesterday
and I said
“I have our relationship all figured out
I’ve studied it
I’ve learned about who you are
I really love what you have to offer me
and so I’m ready to go out on my own
knowing that you love me
and live life on my own

oh, don’t worry I’ll call on you when I need something
and I know you’ll be there for me when I need you
but otherwise
I think I’ve got this…

thanks for getting me going in the right direction
I’ll take it from here!”

Do you hear how silly that sounds?

So why would we do this with our relationship with God?

Grandpa said to his grandson…
two wolves live inside you…
one who seeks to satisfy its own stomach and go out in this world on it own
one who seeks to give more than it receives and to live within the pack
Grandfather, which one wins?
The one you feed, Grandson.
The one you feed…

relationships are what make religion real
that’s why I’m becoming more and more convinced that
we shouldn’t be calling it “faith”
but “faithfulness”

Faith says “I Believe”
Faithfulness says “I Love”

and if we had a bunch more of us convinced about who they ought to love
rather than a bunch of people convinced about what they believe

I bet we’d be closer to what Jesus asked his disciples to do long ago…

It’s about relationships
If I could give you any teaching this morning
it would be that
Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means relationships

and because of that
relationships never reach completion

and so discipleship
never ends

it’s a process

it’s not a sprint
it’s not even a marathon
it just keeps going and going
never ending
not even death ends the process

relationships never reach completion
we continue to learn
we continue to change
we continue to develop

there’s a lot of waiiiiit for it…. waiiiit for it…

and that’s fine
it should be fine
there’s no rush
if God prepared this world over the course of billions of years
then God’s certainly in no rush
If God was in a rush God wouldn’t have commanded us to take a full day off every single week

So let’s do this…
focus on relationships
invest in faithfulness… staying together, living together, loving together even when the going gets rough

and in doing this
live out what it really means to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

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