Outreach & Mission Updates

bread-1426350-mFood Pantry

Our Food Pantry is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30am to 11am or the last Saturday of every month from 9am to 11am. Please note when there is a Saturday pantry, there will NOT be one the day before. Appointments are not necessary – folks who wish help with food for themselves and/or their families are encouraged to stop in to Clark Hall during the hours stated above. We do require, however, that visits to our Food Pantry are spaced at least five to six weeks apart. 

Nursing Home Visits – stay tuned!

2nd Life Wearhouse
Our thriving clothing ministry, 2nd Life Wearhouse, welcomes you to stop by most Saturdays between 9am and noon (and also 6 to 9 PM Friday nights during the summer) to peruse our racks of children’s and adults’ gently-used apparel. Children’s items are $1 each, adult items are $2 each. You are also invited to donate clothing during the ministry’s Saturday hours or anytime if you drop your items in the tan shed at the rear of the church. Charitable giving forms are available upon request. 

Recent Sermons for Listening & Reflection

United Methodist Church of Queensbury Sanctuary
United Methodist Church of Queensbury Sanctuary

the message from worship services

Often there are requests from church members to listen again to the message from our worship services. Below are some of the more recent sermons offered. We pray that their words deepen your relationship with God and with others.

December 20th Sermon

January 3rd Sermon

January 10th Sermon

January 24th Sermon

Upcoming Women’s Ministry Events

umw logo-1Please call Megan Phaneuf 232-1060 if you’d like to know more about getting involved with Women’s Ministries.

College Student and Westmount Valentine’s Care Packages – Feb 6th at church at 9am – Please bring some items to mail/deliver (candy, stickers, Valentine cards, pencils etc). We want to make about 40 packages.  This event will be very tempting for children so we’re asking for only adults for this event, thank you.

Church clean up day Sat 2/20 noon (lunch provided) the whole family is invited

Ladies game night Friday March 4th @ 6pm at the parsonage. Please sign up in the Narthex. Bring a small snack/beverage to share; children are welcome!

Women’s Loving Well Retreat

To be held at Christ the King Spiritual Retreat Center in Greenwich, Fri. Feb. 19th – Sat. Feb. 20th. There will be a Beth Moore video with fun and fellowship with other women, eating yummy food, staying up late, making new friends, and enjoying old friends. Rates: Single $115, Double $91pp, Commuter $45. $10 discount when you register a group of 4 or more. Register at www.ctkcenter.org or call 692-9550 x201.

Sunday School

Sunday School During 10:30 Worship!

One of our Vision Implementation goals focuses on Children and Youth Ministries!

learning at church

Sunday School for grades Pre-K – 6

We’re excited for this year’s journey through the Bible using the scripture book curriculum called The Story!

We all begin upstairs in the Sanctuary for worship at 10:30. Following the Children’s Message, the children are invited to go downstairs to Sunday School.

Our dedicated teachers and our Director of Children’s Ministries, Kristen Lambiaso, will welcome and encourage your child to learn more about their Creator who loves them so very much!

The Story is About to Begin!

We're learning The Story all year at the UMC of Queensbury

We’re learning The Story all year at the UMC of Queensbury

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m going to read the Bible cover to cover this year” and then found you lost momentum around Leviticus or Numbers?

It’s difficult reading the Bible by ourselves. It’s even harder trying to read it in its entirety without a plan.

So, together as a church, we are going to help one another to move through the whole story of scripture together. We will be using The Story, a scripture book that has taken the Bible and compiled into a chronological, 31-chapter book that reads like a novel. It contains no chapters or verses to keep the flow going; making sure we stay focused on the story that God has to share with us.

Each week, starting September 13th,  we will read a chapter from The Story. During worship, we will then use that week’s chapter as the theme. Our children in Sunday School will also follow the same schedule so reading and discussion at home can be a family experience!

Additionally, we are hoping to conduct a weekly Bible Study for The Story that will delve even deeper into our readings and foster discussion!

Perhaps you know someone who’d love to join us in this journey! Invite them!

If you’re checking out our church online and wonder what it would be like to join us, this is a great time to come and see!

VBS – Back to the Bible

Starting this Sunday Evening, August 23rd, we will be traveling back in time to some of the stories of the Bible!

A Vacation Bible School for all ages! A Churchwide Family Event!

5:30 – 7pm Sunday-Wednesday!

Activities, Songs, Skits, and More!

See you then!


6 Ways to Stay in Love with God During the Summer

John Wesley gave us Methodists three general rules to follow. Typically, we break them down to three simple statements: do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. Sometimes we miss what he meant when we simplify these rules too much. He had more to say about these rules. Mr. Wesley offers us six practices through which we can stay in love with God.

6) Fasting

bread-1426350-mYes, fasting is still a spiritual discipline worth practicing! Fasting means we refrain from eating for a set period of time. Perhaps you may just want to begin with just fasting a particular meal that you normally eat. The purpose of fasting is simply this: to glorify God. Fasting ought not to be about anything other than turning our focus toward God. Fasting reminds us that we are sustained by God.

5) Searching the Scriptures.

praying-hands-1427667-mConsider starting by reading the same psalm every day for a week. There are great Bible apps available at no charge to make your reading convenient. Start this Monday with Psalm 1 and read it each day during the week. Then move to Psalm 2, etc. Does something different stand out for you each day? What have you learned about the love of God each day?

4) Family and private prayer.

prayer-and-devotion---hands-3-992379-m-1We should pray with our family. We should reorient our meals so that our focus is giving thanks to God for food and those who made the meal. Consider praying the Lord’s prayer at the beginning and/or the end of the day together. How does praying together change our understanding of forgiving one another? What do we lean about the power of God through regular prayer?

3) The Supper of the Lord.

body-1072441-mEvery 8:30 Sunday worship service celebrates the Lord’s Supper. The first Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper at both worship services. Taking part in the Lord’s Supper re-members us, that is, reminds us that we are the Body of Christ. It reminds us that it was not us who loved God first, but it was God who first loved us!

2) The ministry of the Word, either read or expounded.

childs-bible-1019642-mWhen we come together to worship God, our love for God can be shed abroad in our hearts when we hear God’s word spoken to us. As your pastor, I vow to you that the meditations offered each Sunday will take this phrase to heart: that God’s Word will minister–that is, tend, heal, and offer hope–to our spirits.

1) The public worship of God.

sanctuaryWhen we worship God together, we are encouraged and reminded of the Good News that God loves us so very much! When we worship together, we can practice loving one another through offering reconciliation to one another and sharing our joys and concerns. When we’re present with one another, we can care for one another. When we care for one another, we share God’s love for one another.

I encourage us to allow these practices to have a very high priority in our lives. When we prioritize centering our awareness around God’s love for us, we will truly find we love each other more deeply in return. In so doing, we will fulfill the desire of Jesus Christ who asked us to love one another.

Grace and Peace Abound!

Rev. Phil

3 Reasons Why You Should Come (Back) to Worship During the Summer

191184_8572I could give you a wealth of reasons why you should be in church. We all love to see a full house. We enjoy seeing one another. Every Sunday can be like a family reunion. We love to feel like we are growing in numbers as well as in faith. We offer a hymn sing at the beginning of both services during the Summer. You’ll always be welcomed with hospitality and will have an opportunity to be inspired for the week to come.

These can be great reasons to be faithful in our attendance. But I’d like to offer three other reasons for you to consider.

Reason 3: Practice Makes Perfect

I loved playing trumpet in school. I loved singing, too. But I did not like the amount of practice that was required from my teachers. You know what? Somehow they could tell whether I practiced or if I filled in the time sheet with made-up numbers. How did they know? Because I wasn’t any better at playing or singing the song from the previous lesson time! We have this wonderful opportunity to come together and receive a lesson (and I promise each Sunday the Holy Spirit will offer us a challenge!) that we can practice throughout the week. Moving on to perfection is what we call it! If we don’t come and get a new “lesson” then we have to ask ourselves how long we can keep playing the same lesson before we stop playing or singing the Song of Life altogether.

Reason 2: Life Doesn’t Stop

Life keeps moving every day. We have new experiences that change us. Our sisters and brothers in Christ have experiences that change them. We have the opportunity to bring all of these things with us into the sanctuary each week. Someone may have a story, situation or a request that the Holy Spirit is trying to intersect with your story, situation, or request. When we’re together, God can do marvelous things in our lives. In other words, your life will change because of your willingness to worship.

Reason 1: Stay in Love With God

Perhaps you’re like me–if I’m on my own, I have a hard time carving out an appropriate amount of time to sing the praise to the One who is worthy of praise. Worship, most importantly, is the time to say thank you to God for all of the blessings in our lives. Worshiping God together reminds us how important it is to be grateful to God-from whom all blessings flow! I know that the times when I’ve let my gratitude guide my intentions in worship, I’ve found the time to be much more meaningful. Christ’s creatively transformative presence can take up residence in our gratitude and we truly can be more deeply in tune with God’s will for not just our lives but within our community of faith as well.

As your pastor, I strongly encourage you all to come together regularly to worship God. Worshiping God together gives God more to work with in our life together as a church! Grace and peace abound, dearly beloved!

Rev. Phil

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