Your Generosity is to be Celebrated!

1140004_75475446Finance Team Update – Yes, You Can!

We’re already at 91% of our 2015 Goal!

Through November 17, 2014, 91 families have already pledged $136,779 toward the 2015 mission and ministries of the United Methodist Church of Queensbury! Can you still make a pledge..…Yes, You Can! Together we will achieve our goal of $150,000 in pledges for the coming new year of 2015. Our God is a God of abundance! God provides sufficient resources to accomplish the mission and ministry our Lord calls us to do. We are all encouraged to renew our covenant faithfully and to participate in the ministries of the church through our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all whom have provided financial support for the Church. We are responding with love and thanksgiving to fulfill a need within our community. Thousands of people, including youth groups, our children’s programs (Before and After School age Care and Day Nursery Program), as well as many other groups utilize our facilities all year round – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Al-Anon, mission outreach programs, theater groups and the list of organizations and individuals continues to grow larger each year. Thank you for your support! Did you know that your one pledge helps to fund the many ministries and programs that happen all year long at our Church? Please reflect for a moment on how our lives and those of our neighbors have been enriched through the ever-growing ministries of our church. Your pledge is kept confidential between you, God and our church Financial Secretary, Joy Griffin. Our church operating budget is funded primarily by offerings (both pledge and non-pledge offerings) as well as plate offerings from those who attend our church worship services. The costs of operating the church are incurred week-in and week-out. The process of dedicating our financial gifts to support the ministries and programs of the church is critical. As you are able, please consider responding this opportunity.

Our Prayer of Dedication: Lord, Open unto us the richness of your hope in these gifts we give back to you. Bless these gifts given to make a difference in this community and beyond!

A New Next-Door Neighbor!

doors-1445696-m“Therefore, the Lord will give you a sign. The young woman is pregnant and is about to give birth to a son, and she will name him Immanuel.” Immanuel. God is with us. Is there any other statement that can give us more reason to celebrate? I love the way that Eugene Peterson says it in The Message, “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood. What if God moved next door to me? Would I mow the grass more often? Would I knock on God’s door and introduce myself? With cookies in hand?

This is the mind-blowing thing I’m thinking about right now… I don’t think I’d have the cookies in the oven before there was a knock on my door! God would be standing at the threshold with cookies (perhaps zingers too!) and milk and excited to get to know me… to listen, to sit, to laugh, and to share what brings joy in life.

God came near because the Message hadn’t come through clear enough… God had to deliver the news directly. God’s willing to move next door to us, knock on our door with goodies in hand and simply ask, “do you have a moment or two? I have something I’ve been wanting to say for a very long time. I’ve sent letters but it’s better to say it face-to-face.  I love you so much that I needed to move next door. Not to stalk or keep tabs on you! I just want you to know I love being near you. Life is better together.”

Let’s be full of joy in the tide of Advent; our Creator is moving next door to us and is bringing gifts like we’ve never, ever received before!

Recent News Article about Church Member!

image posted courtesy of photographer Steve Jacobs

Photograph courtesy of photographer Steve Jacobs

What a double blessing it is to share a wonderful story about one of our church members, Heidi Cole, and her courageous work! It’s a double blessing because a fellow church member, Meg Hagerty, took the opportunity to share it with all of us through her great work at the Post Star. You can read the story and watch clips here at the Post Star’s Website! Great work, Heidi and Meg! We are thankful for you both!

What do you have to lose?

Out on a limb? Enjoy!

Out on a limb? Enjoy!


It’s a huge risk.

Jesus tells the story in Matthew 25:14-30 about a King giving out money to his servants:

One received about 75 years’ worth of wages

One about 25 years’ worth of wages

One about 5 year’s worth of wages

The first two risked it all and doubled the money they were given to look after.

The last one buried the money, walked away, and ignored it until the King came back.

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The Waiting Game…

Clock White


“When the groom was late in coming, they all became drowsy and went to sleep.” – Matthew 25:5

Have you ever had to wait in a line?

Stuck in traffic?

Waited for someone to get ready to go?

Here’s an interesting statement from one of Jesus’ stories about how God’s Kingdom is coming: the groom was late.

Late? The groom in the story represents Jesus. So, if I have this right, Jesus is saying he could be, or will most likely be… late?

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Practice Makes Perfect…

Hope prepares for marathons, not a sprint.

Matthew 25:1-13 tells a story of the difference between the wise and the foolish. Jesus relates God’s Kingdom like this: there once were 10 bridesmaids; 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. The difference between the wise and the foolish was this: energy. The 5 wise women brought more oil for their lamps just in case the groom took longer to get there than they assumed. Sure enough, in the story, the groom is delayed, everyone falls asleep waiting, and then, from out of nowhere, the Groom arrives!
The wise women had brought enough energy with them and were ready to go at a moment’s notice. But the foolish ones had run out. Jesus says, “be ready!”

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