Community Harvest Dinner Nov. 8th

Harvest Dinner

Our Church’s Harvest Dinner is Delicious!

Invite everyone you know to dine on Sat., Nov. 8, 4:30-6:30pm.

Menu: turkey, homemade gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrot salad and homemade pies.

Price: adults, $11.00; seniors $10.00; children (4-11), $6.00; children under 4 years of age, free.

Contact Jim Dexter: 480-3054;

All Saints Sunday

“…I believe in the communion of saints”

It’s a beautiful affirmation from the Apostles’ Creed.

I can picture my Grandpa cheering me on, joyful to know that I’m serving the Lord.

I can picture my Grandma finally healed and whole from all that life unfairly threw her way… looking on and now “knowing fully as she had been fully known”

Can you picture your loved ones? The faithful and the ones who tried so hard to be faithful?

What are they saying to us… this communion of saints… this “cloud of witnesses” as the author of Hebrews offers in rich imagery!

And they’re not saying it from afar! The author of Hebrews says the cloud of witnesses surrounds us!


Throw off any extra baggage, don’t run with heavy stuff… Travel light!

And remember, you’ve got a cheering crowd! The saints who’ve gone before and the saints that live right now – they all surround you in the love of Jesus Christ!


Love is a verb…

Too often we think of love being a noun.
We think of love as something we possess.
Love as if it is something that we own, that we can either receive or give.
At its best, feelings of love can be abundant.
At its worst, feelings of love can be scarce.
We forget that love is not simply just a noun.
Love is also a verb.
“Love God, love neighbor… The whole of Continue reading

A Matter of Trust…

IMG_0047.JPGIs the coin story about taxation? Money? Politics? Civics?
Or is it about trust?
Today, the Upper New York Annual Conference will vote to empower our trustees to make an offer on property for a new conference center location.
Regardless of the decision’s outcome, there is an interesting title we’ve applied in our organizations.
A trustee.

Someone in whom we place trust  Continue reading

Call It…

The Earth is the Lord’s

Could Jesus be doing a head fake?

Could Matthew as he’s writing out his version of the gospel be doing an homage to an earlier writer?

As Jesus certainly is handing the coin back to the testers who were trying to trap him into a political sticky wicket, Jesus says, “…give to God what is God’s.”

What, then, is God’s?  Continue reading

A Flipside to the Coin Story

The Tribute Money – James Tissot

Could it be that Jesus is not giving us a civics lesson?

Is Jesus giving us a priority lesson instead?

Trying to trap Jesus in a civics catch-22, the Pharisees and Herodians show Jesus a coin. Jesus asks whose face is on the coin and they reply it’s the Emperor’s. Jesus says, then give it back to him!

Is Jesus saying, “pay your taxes”?  Continue reading

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